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Experience in Formulating


We are soap specialists,
from raw material to production.

We supply Noodles, which is the base mass in cylinder format, for the production of handmade soaps or to large industries in the national and international scenario.


Product sensitive to temperature and humidity, the production of noodles requires technology and the most rigorous control processes to reach the ideal score and maintain uniformity in the soap formula.


Therefore, Razzo is a reference in the production of Noodles. Meets the strictest specifications and formulas. Offers more than 10 types of Noodles for translucent or opaque soaps and premium categories, which value for greater fragrance, creaminess and foam. It still dominates the Ultra White optical whitener technology, for the production of a soap with a high degree of whiteness or color enhancement.


Our differential is the quality, logistics and punctuality of delivery. Noodles are sold in 25kg bags,  pelletized according to the customer's needs.


  • 100% tallow with optical whitener

  • 95/5 without optical whitener

  • 95/05 with optical whitener

  • 82/18 with optical whitener

  • 100% vegetable with optical whitener

  • 100 vegetable without optical whitener

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