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At Razzo we value people, relationships, environmental safety and teamwork. Values that are also in our activity. We understand that by removing animal by-products from the environment, transforming them into a valuable product, we are also fulfilling a social function, in addition to generating employment and income.

In the pandemic of the new coronavirus, this social function became even more evident. We produce soaps, essential items in the fight against Covid-19. Therefore, we reinforced our safety processes and maintained activity throughout the isolation period, ensuring supplies and donating more than 1 million soaps to needy communities.

That’s the Razzo way of being. We support several social projects aimed at children and adolescents, because we believe in the future and in building a more just and egalitarian society.


Discover our social projects:



Non-profit organization created with the mission of guaranteeing children and adolescents with cancer, within the most advanced scientific standards, the right to achieve every chance of a cure with quality of life.

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Non-profit institution, which aims to promote culture, education and citizenship, aiming to improve the quality of life by developing human potential and artistic skills, especially music, and contributing to the sociocultural inclusion of children and the teenager.

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